Latina) Russia considered today’s totally unacceptable to the Us blockade against Cuba, and expressed solidarity with the island in their struggle to achieve the immediate suspension of the punitive measures the united states.

We are categorically against such steps of Washington and we express our solidarity with the cuban people, with our strategic partners and allies, on the need to put immediate end to the illegal blockade, indicated the spokeswoman of the foreign ministry, Maria Zajarova.

The new package of measures anticubanas shows how, in the eagerness to damage the cuban economy, the united States is separated consciously from one of the bases of the current world order, that is to say, the defence of human rights, reported.

The prohibition to perform charter flights to north american airline at all airports in Cuba, except Havana, once again demonstrates that with the application of those penalties are hurting the cuban citizens and americans, said Zajarova.

With this measure, the united States, without hesitation, it deprives its citizens of a natural right as inalienable as the freedom to travel, stressed the head of the Information Department of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The spokesperson also indicated that the White House continues with the violation of international law, including the Charter of the UN, to activate the chapter III of the extraterritorial Helms-Burton law and to impose sanctions against u.s. companies that work with Cuba.

To do this, apply numerous financial constraints and visa, in the midst of strong pressures on the cuban doctors that meet missions out of Cuba, explained the official.

The united states ignores the overwhelming support of the vast majority of the member countries of the UN to the demand of Cuba to end the genocidal economic blockade, commercial and financial of the united States, contained in resolutions adopted in the last 27 years in the UN.

Russia actively participates in supporting the struggle of the island by the suspension of the encirclement, economic american, after both chambers of the Federal Assembly have supported several resolutions to denounce the stranglehold exercised by Washington against Cuba.

The former u.s. president Barack Obama was forced to recognize in 2014 that the north american blockade against the greater Antilles was a policy failure.